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Chrysler's engineering roots span beyond automotive and into the history of the U.S. space program.

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Aerospace: Redstone Rockets to Saturn 1B Boosters

Chrysler's role in the U. S. missile and space programs began in 1953 with the successful launch of the first Chrysler-built Redstone missile from Cape Canaveral. The majority of the Redstone missiles and their derived boosters were built in Warren, Michigan, at a jet engine plant modified by Chrysler for missile production. These included the eight special boosters built for the Mercury program which put the first American astronauts into space. Based on its ability to meet quality requirements, to meet schedules and to keep costs in line, Chrysler was awarded a contract for Jupiter Missile production in February 1956. Both Redstone and Jupiter tactical systems were deployed to NATO nations as a part of the U. S. response to the Cold War. Subsequently, under contract, Chrysler's Space Division was formed to manufacture the Saturn I and Saturn I-B boosters used in the Apollo Program. Chrysler Corporation personnel excelled in coordination with their customers as well as subcontractors in the design and production of highly reliable military and space vehicles. In all aspects of business, design and engineering, Chrysler has always required excellence.