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Inventing the Comfort Zone: The Airflow

The Airflow is an important milestone in the history of Chrysler but also in the history of the automotive industry. A result of the ZSB engineering team, the Airflow marked a key moment of change in America’s vehicle history. Its aerodynamic design, interior styling created specifically for comfort and its departure from traditional engineering standards made it a car ahead of its time. Though the initial introduction of the Airflow in 1934 was met with resistance from the general public, the vehicle left a lasting impression on the auto industry. Chrysler continued to integrate engineering innovations into new models that were adopted from the Airflow and other manufacturers soon followed suit by building features such as power steering, floating power and automatic overdrive transmission into new vehicles.

The Airflow continues to be championed today by car enthusiasts and designers alike. The Airflow Club of America is a prime example of the lasting impression this design has left on the heritage of American vehicles.