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Fred Zeder designed innovations in ergonomics after observing Mayo Clinic surgeries...

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Zeder, Skelton and Breer: The Three Musketeers

The story of Walter P. Chrysler and the Chrysler Corporation is not complete without acknowledgement of the critical role and contributions that Fred Zeder, Owen Skelton and Carl Breer made to the designs, innovations, engineering and evolution of the Chrysler Corporation. The contributions of the ZSB team, referred to as the "Three Musketeers" range from the design and introduction of the Chrysler Six to the revolutionary Airflow and its related list of innovations.

Chrysler’s reputation as an early innovator both in style and engineering would not have been possible without Zeder, Skelton and Breer; the dedication Walter P. Chrysler gave to research and development; and, the overarching desire among all at the company to be leaders in the automotive industry.