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Chrysler-Ghia concept cars featured style and design innovations that can be seen in today's Chrysler models.

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Design Supremacy: Chrysler-Ghia Series of the 1950s

The mid-1950’s ushered in an acclaimed Chrysler-Ghia series and launched an era of design supremacy in the automotive world. The new Advance Styling Studio team at Chrysler helped lead the way with a breakthrough automotive design flair that screamed sophistication, speed and status.

Beginning with the K-310, Chrysler produced a series of concept cars in limited numbers that created an atmosphere of excitement and expectation for more leading edge stylistic changes that would also thread their way into mainline production cars.

From the 1952 Chrysler Special Show Car and its near identical twin, the ’53 Thomas Special Coupe to the 1953 D’ Elegance Ghia, the ’55 Ghia X Gilda and the legendary Norseman, Chrysler’s design supremacy was executed at the highest level—a trend that continues with the Chrysler brand today.