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The Chrysler Building was strategically built on Lexington Avenue to be near Grand Central station...

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Style in the Sky

The story of the Chrysler building is one that blends stories of the auto industry with the contributions that Walter P. Chrysler as well as the Chrysler Corporation made on different aspects of Americana. During a time of competition among industrial corporate titans and an evolving landscape in architecture, Walter P. Chrysler guided the design and construction of one of the most stunning buildings in the NYC skyline. This story gives access to a Chrysler experience that connects the style of the era as well as the lifestyle of Walter P. Chrysler. The story of the Chrysler Building offers insights into the family legacy that Walter P. Chrysler desired to leave. It also recognizes the significance of the building as a symbol of unique art deco American architecture that has captured the attention of designers, architects, tourists, entrepreneurs and others who appreciate the art deco effects that only welded steel and gargoyles against a setting of ornate murals and intricate designs can convey.